Information Marketers:Ramp Up Your Sales Using The Power of JVs, Automatically Deliver Your Digital Products, And Maintain 100% Control Over Your Customer's Buying Experience -- With NO Monthly Fees!

If you want an eCommerce system with digital product delivery, advanced order processing capabilities and robust affiliate/JV features, then Synergyx might be the software you've been looking for...

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Dear info marketer,

    If you want a battle-hardened and bulletproof software solution for your JV promotions and product launches . . .

    If you want to maintain complete control over your order process, including the look/feel of your direct-response order pages and thank-you pages . . .

    If you want to have the same software that has been used in all of Jeff Walker's 7-figure product launches . . .

    If you want unsurpassed customer support . . .

    And finally, if you want to AVOID monthly payments that go on forever . . .

Then I think you're going to LOVE Synergyx . . .

If you're looking for the latest "all-in-one CRM + Email Marketing + eCommerce" hosted software and don't mind paying $299-$499 or more EACH month, then Synergyx isn't for you -- you should be looking at . . .

If that's what you're looking for, that's okay -- in fact, I'll make more money in the long run if you click this affiliate link and go with them! ;-)

But if you want more control over your order process, a simpler and more easily managed eCommerce and affiliate platform, and a ONE TIME payment, keep reading . . .

Still here? Good!

The plain unvarnished truth is this: Synergyx doesn't have every shiny "bell and whistle" some of the hosted systems have . . . and it doesn't have the most modern "Ajax" user interface -- some people have even told me it's downright ugly! (I actually like the way it looks, but it's my "baby", so of course you'd expect that!)

But here's what's important -- Synergyx does have the features that MATTER MOST, it's extremely reliable, and I believe it's absolutely perfect for people who sell information products. PLUS, you only pay once!

What's more, it's been battle tested in some of the biggest product launches in internet marketing history, including:

  • StomperNet 1.0
  • Product Launch Formula (ALL of their launches)
  • 1.0
  • Underground Seminar (I - VII)

I first developed Synergyx way back in 2001 and have continually refined and added to it. Most of the features added over the years were done at the request of one of my "big name " marketing clients -- if it does what they need it to, chances are it's going to do what you need too.

The affiliate module is absolutely CRITICAL . . .

Unlike most eCommerce systems, Synergyx actually started out as an affiliate/JV system first -- then the eCommerce features were added. The tracking is near-foolproof and is the reason Jeff Walker uses Synergyx for his own "Product Launch Formula" launches.

Consider an affiliate who KNOWS a customer bought from them, but it didn't show up on their sales? Can you imagine how much trust they would lose in you? How likely would they be to keep promoting your offer?

Most shopping cart systems add the affiliate functions as an afterthought - and it shows. Tracking is off, affiliates don't get credited for all their sales, and it's hard for them to even navigate through their stats.

If you setup and promote your affiliate program correctly, their sales will far outstrip your own. If affiliates aren't happy, NOBODY'S happy.

Here's a summary of the Synergyx software's main features . . . if you prefer videos or the live demo, you can skip to the video and demo links . . .

  • Resides on your server with no monthly licensing or usage fee
  • Simple installation - just upload files and run install script. Not even a MySQL database setup required
  • Can be customized by your own programmer - you have full control how the system will work on your site.
  • Time-limited digital product delivery system
  • Tightly integrated affiliate system for highest accuracy affiliate tracking
  • Direct response form-based order process to maximize conversion (traditional cart functions available if required)
  • Tested in high-volume product launches (StomperNet 1.0, Product Launch Formula, Mind Movies)
  • Extensive ability to merge customer/affiliate data onto thank-you pages
  • Integrates with dedicated email solutions (Aweber, GetResponse, etc.)
  • Integrates with most membership solutions (Kajabi, Wishlist Member, aMember, Extreme Member, etc.)

  • Code generator creates copy/paste code for affiliate signup pages, order forms, cart buttons, affiliate tracking via PHP or Javascript, and visit tracking images
  • WYSIWYG template file editor included
  • Staff accounts give limited access for oursourcing tasks
  • Affiliate search functions
  • Customer search functions
  • Resend affiliate/customer emails function
  • Automated Daily Backups of all customer/order/affiliate data
  • Download code generator for digital products - for sending a time-limited download link to customer upon request
  • Traffic and marketing stats including visits, opt-in conversion, order conversion, revenue/visit
  • Daily admin snapshot email generated with previous day, 7-day, and 30 day marketing stats
  • Daily IP fraud scan report sent via email
  • HTTP Actions - allows you to send data to any other process on the internet using standard HTTP protocols. Actions can be triggered by affiliate signup, an order (for anything), or an order for a specific product

  • Single-tier or 2-tier affiliate system
  • Affiliate info/search
  • Add Affiliate
  • Send email to affiliates
  • Review affiliate applications (if you have enabled this feature)
  • Affiliate Commissions
  • Commission Balances
  • Ranking / Acquisition Reports
  • Different affiliate rates for different affiliates
  • Commissions can be flat rate or percentage
  • Uses PHP or Javascript for tracking
  • Affiliate control panel allows the affiliate to view orders/commissions, change their profile, get affiliate links, check traffic and marketing stats
  • Cross-domain Tracking capabilities
  • Affiliate Import allows you to transfer affiliates from other systems

  • Products can be shippable, downloadable files, or password protected folders
  • Allows recurring billing (payment plan, subscriptions) using PayPal, AuthorizeNet, iTransact, ClickBank (additional payment systems supported without recurring billing)
  • Product- specific "thank you" pages and emails
  • Product-specific commissions can be set
  • PayPal can be used with another payment solution as an "alternate" payment option
  • Manual orders (for snail-mail checks, money orders, etc.)
  • Abandoned orders feature allows you to look up orders that were started but did not complete (you may be able to salvage some of these by calling the customer)
  • 1-Click Upsells with AuthorizeNet or USA ePay (1-Click + payment with other systems)
  • Secure checkout
  • Custom tweak your order form for the highest possible conversions (Click here for examples.)
  • Can integrate with Amazon S3 (Authenticated Requests) for digital product delivery
  • Provisions for Dimesale and Firesale promotions

Videos And Live Demo Site

To see a brief overview of the major reasons you should consider using Synergyx, check out this video:

Or for a more in-depth discussion and illustration of the features, you can view this one:

I've also created a demo installation which you can explore here:

This is not the most recent version, but pretty close -- poke around all you want! :-)

Of course I know everyone has their own unique vision of how their site will work. So feel free to call me at 316-540-3434 with your specific questions. Or you can email me at . . .

Heard enough?

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Not Quite Ready? How about reading what some of my clients have said about Synergyx?

"I have been doing business online for nearly 10 years. About 5 years ago I made what was one of my best business decisions I have ever made - I hired Paul Galloway to install and provide tech support for my integrated shopping cart.

Paul's work is flawless, his communication is fantastic, and his responsiveness is simply unbelievable (you have to experience it to believe it).

On more than one occasion Paul has "rescued" me when I contacted him at the VERY last second on a project. Basically, I was a being totally unreasonable customer asking for some help on a ridiculous timeline - and Paul came through with flying colors.

The bottom line is that Paul is a pleasure to work with in every sense of the word."

Jeff Walker

I was really frustrated because I was having these great marketing ideas I couldn't implement because I didn't have the backbone to my website to implement them.

Well finally I discovered Synergyx and I implemented it immediately.

Synergyx isn't just reliable and robust, it's extremely flexible and can do anything I ask it to do.

I cannot recommend Synergyx enough.

Ryan Higgins

Hi Paul,

It's going to do EVERYTHING we want it to do and more. Amazing. This solves so many problems for us it's not even funny and I can't believe how easy it is. Just click the boxes and submit. Unreal.

Have I wasted a lot of time screwing around with stuff I never needed to. I guess it makes me appreciate Synergyx more, but still... I think of the hours and hours of work and frustration that you've solved with a simple "CLICK" and done. This is amazing!!!

Check this out.... all in one day with this: I added a product to the database, put it in an order form, changed the confirm page so it's customized with our colors and header and footer, have a payment configuration set up so it goes straight to Paypal, takes them through the payment process, lands them on a page where they download their product and put the product in a folder for them to download.

Freaking awesome!!

Thanks a lot!!!

John Yost

Over several years I've wasted over $10,000 on scripts that didn't work as advertised, monthly fees on hosted carts with poor feature sets, and several thousand dollars trying to have a custom cart/affiliate script developed but with no luck. Finally I came across Synergyx.

I was skeptical since I'd been burned so many times in the past, but I decided to give it a chance - it only made sense since it came with a guarantee. Lo and behold, it works! It does everything I want it to do and more, and the endless flexibility and unlimited customization of both my checkout and upsell pages has really boosted my revenue.

Plus I have the reliability of hosting everything on my own domain, without worrying about any third-party services going down and costing me lost sales.

Thanks, Paul!

-Frank Rumbauskas

Thank you, Paul Galloway, for cutting through all the fog regarding shopping cart and affiliate program setup! The SynergyX system, although incredibly robust, is designed so that a total technophobe can be up and running in no time flat.

Customer service, when needed, is stellar!! If an issue comes up, there's no dealing with IT folks with attitudes or hours spent on hold waiting for answers. From Day 1, Paul has been incredibly helpful and accommodating with our support requests.

If there's ever a question, Paul has always answered it straight away or simply stepped up to make quick needed changes personally.

Cost being a 2nd factor in our choice, we couldn't imagine EVER going back to paying outrageous fees and monthly costs with the 'other guys'... SynergyX has truly been a blessing and a pleasure to work with!

Dan O'Connor


I thought I should tell you, I think your software is great. It has so many neat features. I'm discovering them all gradually as I dig into Synergyx more. I love the hidden autosubscribe on the thank you page (which I just set up). Fantastic automation.




When I was referred to Paul and his affiliate software, I had high expectations. I had been at an "Insider's gathering" of Internet hotshots and during lunch one of them recommended to me that I call "this guy" Paul Galloway, for my affiliate tracking needs.

I Googled him and gave him a call. He answered the phone. Already I felt better.

I had been used to having to jump through hoops to get to someone who could really understand what I needed. Paul listened, and took action on my behalf, customizing his affiliate software to fit my needs.

It was then time for my first "major" launch... one that could net me 6 figures in 2 weeks if I could do it right. All of sudden Paul went from programmer to team member . . . with me every step of the way.

Even though no technical changes were needed during the launch and his initial design worked perfectly for me, he was there for my questions when I had them during that important period.

To me, it's not about the money (though he's reasonably priced), it's about the quality of product and support . . . and in both areas, Paul delivers. His software is not the "slickest" of looks, but I'm into function and accuracy, and that's what he'll deliver as well.

Norman Hallett, CEO Subconscious Training Corporation

Hi Paul

Firstly your support is second to none. Secondly I love the fact your software integrates so seamlessly with Paypal, which trust me after searching and trying all the other platforms is not easy when it comes to affiliate platforms.

And finally the fact it handles the digital downloads and locked members area so seamlessly is a godsend from a customer service point of view.

I've had nightmares in the past with people sharing download links and with Synergyx' handling the downloads and automation so well I can sleep easy knowing that your softwate handles it all with such ease.

Thanks for creating a much needed and essential piece of software for anyone selling downloads online.

Jon Street

Having evaluated a number of options to run the affiliate program. I narrowed the choice down to SynergyX. It maybe a little more pricey than alternatives but it's worth it.

Hand on heart I can say the support Paul provided over the phone during installation and configuration was exceptional and I know he is happy to help with any problems or issues I might come up against.

Tom O'Brien

Paul, it's very, very rare that I am so impressed with someone's product or service that I take the time to tell them in writing. But in your case, I felt compelled to tell you just how much I appreciate not only your product, but also the level of service I have received from you.

Your Synergyx software is simply incredible... and I haven't even launched my affiliate program yet. The digital download, web site password protection, and ad tracking features alone are more than worth the price of this software.

To the best of my knowledge (and I did some serious research), it's the ONLY product on the market that allows you to create both a digital download AND a password protected web site in the same customer order. This is a terrific benefit, and offers tremendous flexibility when it comes to designing new products.

I also really appreciate the design of the software's control panel. It's very intuitive and easy to use -- you don't need to be a "techie" to use it. And all the software's features have performed with rock-solid reliability.

Most of all, I just can't say enough about the level of service I have received from you. Before I purchased your Synergyx software, I read many testimonials about how wonderful your service is. This certainly caught my attention, as service was even more important to me than the actual software. But I tend to take all testimonials with a grain of salt.

Well, I have been a customer for several months now and I can honestly say that you have consistently exceeded all of my highest expectations. Your replies to any questions I have are always clear and lightning fast - usually within minutes, or at most (on rare occasions) a couple of hours. You're always extremely patient when I have a more complex question which is over my head, and you're always willing to listen to new ideas.

It's obvious to me by now that you truly care about your clients' satisfaction. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that in all regards, the service I have received from you is absolutely outstanding. I can't thank you enough.

I will recommend Synergyx to other web entrepreneurs without hesitation.

All the best!

Michael Gordon

Hi Paul,

Oh what fun it is to launch a new product when you have Synergyx to tend to the details. Your digital delivery system is simply brilliant. Works wonders. Absolute wonders.

We launched "Keyboard Magic!" last night, and already the orders are flowing in. Without Synergyx, I'd be spending all day fiddle farting around with stuff.

I created a PDF and a Windows version, uploaded them into their "bins" and now the world is merrily downloading after paying their $9.95 for this product.

Okay, okay, I'm singing your praises to everyone I meet.

I have so much trust in Synergyx because you've proven over and over again that you care about your customers.

I just can't express how much it means to know I CAN pick up the phone and call when I need to. The email is usually fast enough, but sometimes its tough waiting...

I simply want to express my sincerest appreciation for your RESPONSIVENESS. When I find issues, you guys are on the spot, and things are made right, "right now." There's no way anyone can run an Internet business without this kind of amazing response time and be successful, especially when they are at the mercy of a programmer, like I am.


Tom Glander
The Newbie Club

And don't worry about "if it doesn't work for you" or anything like that. You're completely covered with my iron-clad promise to you.

No Questions Asked... Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Synergyx comes with a full 30-day guarantee. That gives you plenty of time to check it out and fall in love with it. At the end of 30 days, you're going to know if it's the right choice for you. If it is, great. If not, just say the word. No questions asked, I'll give you your money back.

In 30 days you'll either be in love with Synergyx or you'll pay nothing. Don't delay it any longer...

Click Here To Get Synergyx Now!


Paul Galloway

P.S. Remember, you get a full 30 days to test drive everything out. You have absolutely nothing to lose as I'm shouldering all the risk. If you don't love it, you don't pay!

P.P.S. I know times are kind of hard right now, so I'm open to considering barter arrangements as full or partial payment. Email me if you want to explore that possibility . . .


Paul Galloway - 429 S Main St - Cheney, KS 67025 - 316-540-3434 - Fax: 407-650-2781